Welcome to Benton County, Missouri

Come join us and re-create your life!

Enjoy Your Work/Life More

If you have visited our area you know that Benton County, Missouri offers you more to do for recreation, outdoor fun or just enjoying the beauty of the foothills of the Ozarks.

This is a great place to play.  But have you considered Benton County as a place for your business? Why not?  The right environment can do wonders for your business and workers.

Benton County is a competitive location for your business.   Our business community has found out that in Benton County you can truly "Re-create Your Business.  Scroll down and see why Benton County would be good for your business.

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Irv Jensen
PO Box 1245
Warsaw, Missouri 65355
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Why Benton County For Your Business?

Lower operating costs

Available sites and buildings

Responsive and reasonable utilities

Available skilled workforce

State and local business development incentives

One-to-One personal business development assistance

Four-Lane access in most of the County with easy access to Interstate highways

Lack of traffic, congestion, and annoyances to growth

Business friendly communities